Trade in Non-Traditional Agricultural Products

PROCOMER has carried out an analysis of agricultural products that have possibilities for production and expansion at the national and international level, but whose exports are few or none at all. Through the support of PROCOMER’s Trade Promotion Offices, state agencies and research centers, 8 products with the highest potential for international marketing were selected: Mangosteen, pitahaya, guanabana, passion fruit, uchuva, ipecac, pejibaye and carambola.   

These products have excellent nutritional and medicinal properties, which translate into benefits for the health of those who consume them, for example, uchuva has a high vitamin A and antioxidant content, guanabana has anticancer properties and ipecac is used in medicine for the treatment of conditions in the respiratory tract. Also, these non-traditional fruits are already being exported by countries such as Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico and Peru, which have found niches in Europe, Canada and the United States.

Fuente: Central America Data Express

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