Fruta Sana conforms to BRC version 9 updates

Fruta Sana, in its commitment to safety, adjusts to the BRC 9 updates focused on culture and improvement skills

First published in 1998, this standard helps food manufacturers focus on a wide range of areas including HACCP, traceability, food fraud prevention, management commitment, and food safety culture. There has been a year-over-year increase in recognition of the Standard, which has seen it grow to become the largest food safety program in the world, impacting more than $800 billion in product sales.

By reviewing our standards, we can ensure that they incorporate the latest industry trends and operations, practical experiences, and industry best practices. The review process allows us to keep up with changing expectations, regulatory requirements and consumer needs. It provides an opportunity to capitalize on the value that our customers and stakeholders derive from the use of our Standards. This value was confirmed in a recent study conducted by Birkbeck University.

Two central themes of the new edition are the development of a culture of food safety and the creation of basic competencies.

  • Creating a culture of excellence

Creating a strong product safety culture can be challenging. But it is critical to ensure the effective implementation of product safety management systems and help prevent product safety incidents.

Part of the inherent difficulty in trying to establish an exemplary approach to product safety is that “culture” is not really tangible. It is something an organization is, rather than something an organization has. Culture is an organization’s spirit and values ​​felt and demonstrated by people at all levels, regardless of the size and complexity (or simplicity) of its sites around the world.

There are some significant changes related to version 9, starting at the top, with culture. Leaders will be required to not only demonstrate that they have an embedded food safety culture throughout their company, but go the extra mile to ensure that food safety is embedded at every step of their organization.

  • Building core competencies

Continuous improvement is a key ingredient of any reputable and solid food business. Around the world, top-performing organizations know that to create and nurture a culture of excellence, they need to get the basics right and build positive attitudes on that foundation.

As a result, version 9 of Food Safety leans heavily towards fostering the development of a strong product safety culture. Within this, the foundation for success is the recognition of critical core competencies that must exist and receive continuous focus and improvement, before an organization turns its attention to the attitudes and behaviors that make up its overall culture.

There is a real focus on how product production and handling equipment should reduce the risk of contaminating products.

Version 9 will bring businesses greater clarity and, very importantly, give their customers more confidence in the quality of their food products that are produced in their businesses.

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