Essential Costa Rica certificate

Essential Costa Rica certificate

We are proud to be part of the companies that have achieved the Costa Rica Essential Certification, the only green Country Brand in the world. For FRUTA SANA it is not only proud to be able to have this certification, but also a commitment to maintain it and continue to promote Costa Rica through world-class products.

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The new certification encompasses various aspects of the brand, for which we have been distinguished:

Responsibility to meet current needs without compromising the safety of later generations. Balance ensures proper environmental, social and financial management

Added value offered by a product or service that makes it special and unique. From excellence, traits such as creativity, talent and specialization of human resources are defined

Continuous transformation in order to improve the service or resource offered to customers. In a demanding and changing market like the current one, the invention of new solutions is not enough, it is necessary to incorporate added values ​​that guarantee the satisfaction of a vacuum.

The product or service must be entirely developed in national territory and therefore patented and improved.

Collaborators who work in a company under the country brand seal ensure personal and professional growth, guaranteeing that they will reach their maximum potential and develop all their capabilities in order to evolve as a company

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