English Academy

We must understand that we live in a globalized world with very high competition in all sectors. Globalization promotes the learning of English.

One of the important reasons is also the foreign market. It is convenient to have trained people who can meet the needs of foreign clients in their language and answer their questions.

well-trained worker who speaks at least English will be able to establish the necessary commercial relationships in the country of destination, contact suppliers without any misunderstandings or in the local market to answer questions from investors who do not speak our national language .

On the other hand, learning a language improves many of the qualities of workers and people in general: it keeps the brain active, increases the capacity for concentration and increases the self-esteem of the individual.

In addition, knowing languages is a great work tool, if we think that thanks to them we can have access to other documentation about our sector that is published in different countries to our own or basically access personal information that we can not find in our own language.

The language training is a great value that can serve the workers. Fruta Sana is committed to this type of business quality initiatives and has therefore started some English courses. In these courses the knowledge that the workers already have of their academic training is improved and they deepen more in the language with new contents.

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