Our Values

PASSION it’s at the heart of the company, we are continually moving forward, innovating, and improving.

INTEGRITY we are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.

QUALITY to deliver premium value to our customers.

RESPONSIBILITY toward our customers, shareholders and workers.

DIVERSITY trait each other as unique and recognize our individual differences.

RESPECT for the individual, inside and outside the company.

TEAMWORK, we all work together toward our goals.


Our work philosophy we believe in and bet on the people we have around us, it is part of our social values. Hire people from the area and generate wealth in the community.

Bring wealth to a depressed area, where employment opportunities are few or nonexistent, giving women and men in the area the chance to grow professionally with a decent job. Feel that we transmit happiness, smiles and food to families with limited resources.

We carry out continuous training with diverse courses focused on the food sector (languages, logistics, environment, food analysis) so that our employees can have a better future at work. Help that professional development help them to continue growing personally.

We feel proud to have a solidarist association among our employees, which we love to support in their activities, both within the company, and in the solidarity aid that is provided to the community.

The sweetest tropical fruits are produced in several fields around the country. Exquisite pineapples, succulent mangoes and delicious papayas.

We bet on natural products from the area. We offer opportunity to producers which, with love, in exploitations of the area, offer us such rich products. These are bathed by the radiant sun of the Caribbean and the Pacific. The tropical rain of our mountains and forests, which impregnate in the interior of the fruits, a unique flavor and color.


We are concerned about the impact that our actions may have on the environment. For this reason, at Fruta Sana Costa Rica, we carry out a selective waste collection process. Using cardboard and recycled paper material, reducing the impact of our ecological footprint to the maximum.

We are also in the process of replacing written documentation on 100% recycled paper with FSC certification: paper comes from controlled forests and promotes responsible environmental forest management.

Likewise, the waste products are eliminated with all the guarantees, strictly following the processes required by the sanitary and environmental authorities.
Fruta Sana Costa Rica is an active part of SiquiRecicla, the selective waste collection system that the City Hall of Siquirres has implemented in the region.

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