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Fruta Sana Costa Rica is a brand-new, allergen free factory. We started production earlier 2018 and are 100% focussed on processing Pineapple

Currently working with new fruits such as mango and papaya.

Fruta Sana is a vertically integrated producer of dried pineapple. Our factory was designed and constructed in accordance with western food safety standards.

Costa Rica, which is the number one country on the “happy index”, has an excellent climate which allows the crop to be harvested all year round. This ensures fresh products at all times

Located at at La Alegría, "Happiness" in Spanish, Siquirres, Limón. A small town located in the Atlantic side of Costa Rica, 100 kms from San José, the capital and 60 kms from the Limón Port. This plant offers an average of 50 permanent jobs…. 75% of the workers are women heads of household

FRUTA SANA Costa Rica, is a company that works accordingly to local law, and complies with all legal, environmental and health requirements. SO2 Free.

Our product is registered in the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica for Pineapple Dehydrated.



BRC certification in process

Kosher certification since August 2018

Certificado Kosher
... procesando ...
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